Busienss Counsel

Most business owners/managers/directors value having someone who can provide counsel, a second experienced opinion who can discuss plans or ideas with you before they are shared inside or outside your business.
Successful business leaders find access to business counsel is important on a day to day basis, and is most valuable while their company is going through any period of change.
There are many benefits working with someone who you can confidentially share ideas with without compromising work or personal relationships.  This objective support is from someone who without judgement will test and challenge ideas, and who can without consequence tell you if they think your ideas are sound or flawed, helping you refine thoughts, strategies or plans before sharing or implementing them within your business.
Business counsel is always provided on an ad-hoc basis in person by booking a face to face meeting, on the phone, in a video call, or by email.
Typical subjects discussed include…
  • staffing frustrations.
  • tactics for important sales opportunities
  • immediate financial concerns
  • new business ideas or opportunities