“It is important to have structured board meetings to keep your business on course”. 

Strong Company Directors are accountable for progress look to the future and set the direction for each function in the business.
As Chairman I initially help the Shareholders and Directors create or refine their board, ensuring there is a diverse selection of members who will bring experience in each part of the business to regular meetings.  I look to build a diverse board containing a selection of personality types, backgrounds and insights.  Where formal board meetings are new to board members I often meet with them and help them understand how each meeting will work, and what is expected of them.
An agenda is created which covers compliance matters, reviews progress and provokes discussion that will develop each function of a business position for the future. 
I always ask for the circulation of the board pack before the meeting and require that all present have studied the pack before the meeting.  Meetings are for development and discussion to set the future, not for reporting!
I run your board meetings, I ensure that the agenda is covered, everyone makes their contribution, views are considered and that the appropriate time is spent on each subject.  As decisions are made I ensure actions are agreed, and each is followed up from meeting to meeting so important activity does not drift.
Board meetings are normally intensive and invigorating, they are positive even if dealing with business challenges, and are always followed up with comprehensive minutes for all attendees.
Having productive board meetings is a proven way to keep businesses evolving, focused and self-aware, and owners/shareholders connected to progress.